Breeder, award winning author, International lecturer and one of the world’s most widely respected authorities on canine structure and movement, Rachel Page Elliott was a remarkable woman. As most dog people around the world know, Pagey is probably best-known for her highly regarded volume about canine anatomy and movement -- "Dogsteps".  

I was fortunate enough to visit Pagey a few times during her last years and on one of those visits I brought along my Grandson Stephen. Through a little boy's eyes here is the account of that day:

     "Gram took me for a ride one day and little did I know I would be meeting a wonderful lady who was Internationally known. Before Gram and Mrs. Elliott sat down for their visit where they talked about her latest book (“From Hoofbeats to Dogsteps: A Life of Listening to and Learning From Animals"), Mrs. Elliott led me to a room filled with toys that were played with by her children - I picked out an antique wooden marble set that kept me amused during the entire visit. Looking back I realize how special that was! Later she offered me a treat of homemade cookies and showed me a collection of her handmade jigsaw puzzles. She commented to Gram what a lovely mannered child I was and that she looked forward to more visits from us soon."

I will never forget my visits with Rachel Page Elliott at her River Road Farm in Carlisle -- aside from her many interests and talents, she was a warm, caring woman who made you feel "special". 









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